How Social Media Helps SEO?

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Social media and SEO, the two terms that can never get old or out of topic. The search industry or the ranking criteria’s are always in a buzz to know how social media is directly or indirectly influencing SEO. The term social media SEO refers to how social media can boost your organic traffic with the help of various search engines. This topic always stays relevant as the reason is quite simple- social media is important for each and every activity these days. More than making SEO activities more effective, social media makes it more lucrative. Even though both look different and are of two extremes, there’s no doubt that both help each other.

As this popular conflict exist, social media doesn’t directly contribute to SEO or directly help the ranking to get better. On a superficial level, social media is not a major ranking factor but if you look into it deeper it does has a certain significance. As this correlation exists, it’s quite challenging to identify whether social media is necessary for search engines. But if you look into high ranking websites in search engines, they usually have a lot of social media activities going on attached to various accounts. For any business to exist and have a stern market presence, it’s important to have a strong social media presence.

According to me, you shouldn’t worry much about whether social links are highly relevant to the websites. Instead we should look at the benefits of using social media to boost ranking in search engines.

1) Link building using Social Media:

Inbound links are important these days to improving SEO performance, get higher traffic and boosting your brand exposure globally. Use of social media and more social shares can get you across platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and also help you target the right audience who should see your content and link back. In turn this creates more outbound links too.

Compared to the other tactics, this idea is a much better and cheaper alternative as it makes sense and can benefit the whole SEO process.

2) Get to the right target Audience:

Building or growing your social media followings and presence can directly and indirectly enhance your reach out to the target audience as most of us stay online as much as the time we all are awake. Rather than grabbing up all the media platforms, focus on the few that can in turn bring you a good outcome. For this, you will have to conduct proper research about where all the ideal customers are there and particularly which sphere should you concentrate on.

3) Promotes brand searches:

Posing your brand’s content on social media has some added on benefits which would later on help you rank for keywords associated with your brand’s name. As brands become synonymous with a product, the same concept is also used between the connection of social media and SEO services.

4) Promotion using Video Can Help:

With the growth of digital technology, it’s clearly visible about the importance of video, YouTube etc. in the space of social media. Any video published in any site online including YouTube has backlinks to your corresponding website which can help SEO companies. Today, even all major companies like LinkedIn, Facebook etc. are promoting more video publishing as it can bring in more engagement than static content text and images.

5) Social Media Allows for Content Promotion

Now this is really important. Content promotion is one of the major things that social media can do for promoting SEO services. It’s not just enough of writing tons of quality content, but along with it it’s important to optimize the content. And this is possible via social media as it allows you to take the quality content to produce and promote engagement in better channels worldwide, which can grow your credibility.

According to reports, social media activities, is the most effective and easiest way to promote SEO based content for an SEO company or an organization. But still with all this there is one thing to be noted, the incoming links from social media doesn’t have the same impact and authenticity that you get from the direct website links.

At the end of the day, if your content is good, users will definitely stick around to read it, thus increasing engagement metrics communicate value to search engine services.

6) Social Media Encourages More Engagement

If one takes full advantage of social media for promotion, then keep in mind that engagement matters for SEO rankings. It not only improves your online reputation but also make connections and in turn generate leads for your business.

7) Increased Brand Awareness Improves Your SEO Rankings

These days its important to increase Increase your reputation on social media, with increased publishing consistency, high-quality content and engagement which will lead to increased online brand presence. As you brand presence increases, it will lead you to reach a higher ranking on Google over time.

8) Google’s Partnership with Twitter

Nevertheless it’s important to know that Google now has a partnership with Twitter. Exactly, I can’t say what does this mean for the future of SEO services but these days it’s quite common and relevant to see tweets in the Google search results. It’s true that this doesn’t directly affect your company’s SEO rankings but it can help you improve your brand awareness, increase link buildings with other websites and also enhance the number of leads.

According to the renowned marketer and business analyst, there are several ways one can take advantage of the Google/Twitter partnership with keeping just this in mind- tweet and to tweet often. As long as this partnership exists, users search will lead tweets with similar keywords and this will surely help your website ranking.

Wrapping Up:

Although social media services often work to improve your organic rank in Google searches, it also has the ability to serve as an invaluable tool over time which will keep going forever as digital technology reaps out. Whether its content promotions, link-building, boosted engagement, increased brand awareness, or anything that revolves around the SEO services, you will definitely have to leverage social media to increase your organic traffic and conversions via search.

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