How Can Mobile Marketing Improve a Business?

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From the challenges and opportunities of the emerging technology to the need for greater effectiveness, it’s impossible to survive without aggressive mobile marketing strategies for a business to get flourished in the market.

Today’s consumer landscape has shifted the way companies need to handle the difficulties of marketing which is one of the most necessary factors regarding a smartphone. As there is a significant increase in the number of users who use a smartphone, it is necessary to adopt mobile marketing as one of the most needed digital marketing services for every brand. There are so many benefits for start-ups or other organization if they take up effective marketing ideas to endeavors.

Even after knowing about the benefits, mobile marketing still requires a well-planned focused approach to put out a perfect check off everything on the list of your needs.

And to make things easier for you, here are a few ways by which a digital marketing company gets benefited with mobile marketing:

1) Efficacy

As things keep changing in his world, you need work on what’s changing, even in the case of marketing. Other marketing options like emailing don’t have much effect whereas sending SMSs is very effective and result oriented as it has proven that 98 percent of mobile phone users read SMS that they receive.

2) Reach the targeted audience

Each and every digital marketing agency is targeted on a specific group of people as a part of the marketing campaign. And to send such promotional material you need to get their numbers or details. Mobile marketing enables you to reach more potential users at a lower cost than other business marketing methods such as ads, radio, TV etc.

3) Immediate effect

Mobile marketing helps you yield immediate effects as people tend to check their phones in between short intervals, thus mobile marketing campaigns really work better for businesses.

4) Time Spend on smartphones is increasing

According to reports, an individual spends a minimum of 10 hours with their smartphones for various purposes. This provides an ample opportunity for mobile marketers to capture user attention and get them discussing your business on their device which is the main part of their daily life.

Advertising trends are also changing and it is estimated that by 2019, nearly 75% of marketing will be spent on developing apps and advertisements for mobile platforms.

6) Mobile Commerce

These days customers are more interested in online shopping and mobile has become the source. And according to reports, mobile commerce will command 24.5% of total e-commerce profit by the end of 2018. This is the reason why even social media platforms are incorporating online shopping icons in business pages. And at this kind of a marketing situation, the number of brands and companies are ready to capitalize on mobile-specific advertising, mobile-friendly pages, and search engine marketing to guide users 24/7.

7) Ranks higher in Search Engines

As per the new algorithm of Google, mobile-friendly sites rank are considered to rank high than any other non-optimized sites in terms of SEO. So, even this makes mobile marketing to be a reason to follow to stand high in every search of your user.

8) Cost Effective

Mobile marketing is the only strategy that does not require investments. This is a very cost-effective method to promote their business for both startups and other established organizations.

9) Build Relationship

As users always keep their mobile phone, it provides businesses the option reach their customers anytime and anywhere and thus builds a strong relationship for a longer term. This lets you update them with By new launches, latest sales offers new products arrivals etc. thus, making them feel special.

10) User-controlled marketing

Mobile marketing is user-controlled and it works on ‘consumer is the king of the market’ principle. That is, the customer has the complete control to accept or deny the marketing efforts to reach him/her. This, in turn, provides mobile friendliness and better user experience.

11) Create More Content

Quick and bite-sized information is the best content for mobile devices which can be easily consumed by users despite any sort of distractions. Quick, short content is easy to create and it can help you reach more audience

12) Easy to Do

Mobile marketing is simple to use, effective and can definitely help you to increase and improve brand engagements with your target audience.

13) Improve your Reach & Build Relationship

Ever businesses target to widen their reach to more customers and this is the main benefit of mobile marketing also. This way doesn’t have a limit to the audience and can reach anyone anytime anywhere. This can, in turn, build a relationship and thus reach, connect with them through mobile marketing.

14) Increasing Your Fanbase with Social Media

Social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. are great methods for growing your business with mobile marketing. Setting up of official brand pages on social media sites and posting updates can although manage your presence. For every brand, this is a worthy investment these days. But in this case, the only thing you need to note is that businesses should understand that the purpose of social media is to be social, not to simply promote messages.

Key Takeaways

App-based marketing is ‘no more an option but a need’ and digital marketing companies and brands with the appropriate capabilities are in the development process already. Using the best app makers, businesses now start to build a mobile app quickly and affordably. No matter what size company is your, mobile marketing must be a part of your overall marketing strategy. If your company doesn’t have a mobile presence, you’re might be doing a disservice to your business.

All these mentioned ways can be effective if executed properly. The most important things to do before strategizing a digital marketing service is to plan and have the right resources. So, what are you waiting for, start by doing your own research and take things one step at a time.


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