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Progressive Web Apps For Beginners: A Simple Definition

Progressive Web Apps For Beginners: A Simple Definition

Progressive Web Applications are apps developed with web technologies and specific programming for a particular device platform. PWAs are built with the features of push notifications and developed with the ability to work offline. These apps also delivered modern APIs to improve reliability and the ability to install these on any device.

Progressive web Apps have massive web plugins and keep the website contrary to a native app that is hard to develop.

The daily popularity of PWAs proves that many companies are shifting their products and businesses to this technology because it can run on an android or iOS without any additional difference.

PWAs offer users a number of facilities, like progressively enhanced, installable, re-engageable, discoverable, network independent, linkable, and responsive design.

What is a progressive web app?

The apps developed with specific technologies and standard patterns to take advantage of both web and native app features are called progressive web apps. For example, web apps are much easier and faster than native apps.

Hence native apps provide a better operating system experience and allow more seamless opportunities to its users. Native apps, after installation, can work offline also, and users like this feature.

PWAs enable us to create web apps that provide us with a lot of advantages and enjoyable features. Progressive enhancement capability and responsive design facilitate us to build mobile phone-friendly websites or web pages.

How to make an app or PWA?

PWAs are a set of multiple technologies which allow us to build new trends in web apps. We can develop new apps with this technology with specific API features.

An app can be understood as a PWA when it fulfills specific requirements of certain features such as installable, work offline, push notifications, and is easy to synchronize.

We used some specific tools to measure how much a particular app has been completed to its features. If we implement various other technological tools, we will be able to build more progressive and higher lighthouse apps.

An app should offer a certain set of principles to observe:

  • Installable
  • Discoverable
  • Network independent
  • Re-engage able
  • Linkable
  • Secure
  • Progressively enhanced
  • Responsive designed

Advantages of web applications

A progressive and responsive app allows the following advantages to its users.

Easy installation

The major part of the web using technology is to install a specific app for a particular task. Web apps offer special icons after installation on the screen to manage it according to user will. Latest web apps have more advanced features than an icon on the home screen; app properties are inside the apps to adjust app settings according to the user’s will.


Web apps also offer the facility to link the app with a specific URL to fulfill the needs of apps or user-complex installation processes. This makes the app installation process very easy and removes all complexities.

Network independence

  • Modern web apps can work with unreliable networks and without a
  • Network independence offers us the following
  • Revisiting specific websites in the absence of a network even can fetch
    their content.
  • It can control what a user is watching and hold it without connectivity.
    You can browse previously visited content and restore it.


The main purpose of web apps is to have better and easy-to-understandable representation on search engines. This should be easy to expose, rank, and catalog and have special capabilities while browsing.

How can you implement a progressive web app? Key points

The implementation process of web apps takes place as such; when you want to make your application work offline, you must employ a service worker. You must hire a service registration process to enable your web app to work offline.

Why a progressive web app?

Web and native mobile apps normally take a few steps to install on a device and complete the setup of its properties. If you increase the number of steps to install an application, it will create problems for its users, and as a result, users leave to install your web app.

On the other hand, if you decrease the number of steps to install a specific app on your device, it will increase the number of users.
Progressive web apps and native mobile apps offer you easy and simple ways to attract potential customers to enhance your digital business. Progressive web apps help you in the following ways:

Increase the level of efficiency

Applications developed with web technology are very easy to install or load to your device as you compare them with other native apps. Another step is that using text in coding has enhanced the efficiency level of web apps.


In this article, I present detailed information on progressive web apps and their importance in digital marketing. It also told how you could explore various technological features to build a web app or other native apps. Progressive web apps create the simplicity of use and may work offline.

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