SEO Strategies 2018

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To unlock the full potential of search engine optimization (SEO), businesses need to focus on the upcoming technologies to improve SEO performance and thus boost themselves on Google rankings. To keep up with evolving SEO tools and services now and into the future, businesses need an agile and flexible SEO strategy.

SEO, being one of the most powerful marketing options for businesses,  targets on users who are in need of a service/information. A holistic approach to search engine optimization can streamline the chance of dominating Google’s search results in 2018 and the focus of approach varies depending on the business or the websites.

And this article isn’t just about the predictions of SEO services but instead, it’s the tested SEO strategies that will work the best for you right now and even better in 2018.

So let’s dive right in and take a look at the top SEO strategies that top the place this year…

1) Optimize Search and Create Mobile Friendliness:

Mobile optimization has been an important SEO strategy for past few years. Before, Google crawled desktop version of a site for their primary search engine index but now, it uses mobile version for indexing. This means that you need to prioritize mobile and its content to create a mobile-friendly website for your users.

2)Website Speed is Important:

As technology has grown up so fast with better and faster internet options, no one is going to stay on a site that takes too much loading time, so this factor also tops the list. Cut down all unnecessary site content that is dumped on to site and create a better environment for anyone who visits your site with high speed loading pages.

3) Better Understanding of Website,Targets and the Actual Needs:

To have a successful SEO strategy development for your business its important to understand everything regarding your website. For this, go deep into every aspect you need concentrate like the type of the website you need to handle, its nature, the market to be targeted, the current ranking and situation, idea about the top competitors, the growth of the organic traffic, branding options etc.

3) Pay attention to voice search:

According to Internet Trends Report, voice search have seen more than a 35X increase since 2009 and is likely to get higher in coming years. While taking SEO services into consideration, voice search continues to shape SEO by adding a new layer to the search component and comprehend context. As the rise of voice assistants in various devices has dramatically affected brands to drive traffic, it definitely needs to be optimized for voice search results.

4) Google RankBrain:

RankBrain which is the 3rd most important ranking signal of Google is a component of Google’s core algorithm which uses machine learning to determine search results or queries. So in case of following the SEO strategies, you definitely need to optimize RankBrain as it helps understand search queries & improve the algorithm. Depending on the keyword, RankBrain will increase or decrease the importance of content, backlinks, content length etc.

5) Use Shorter URLs:

Using descriptive, small keyword-relevant URLs has been an effective SEO strategy these days. Whenever and wherever possible, use primary keywords in the first few words of the URL which can in turn help in Google ranking much easily.

6) Backlinks becomes the Key Pillars:

As backlinks help you determine credibility and authority of a business or brand, its known to be the pillar of SEO performance. The presence of inbound back links indicates the importance of your website. Google gives more credit to websites that are endorsed by other sites. You can even make use of backlink builder tool to help you with your link building campaign.

7)  Take time to Track your progress:

Along with the input of hard work and research, give some time to evaluate your work. Tracking your progress will give you an idea of how much the SEO strategy, tools and marketing tactics are working for you and your site.

8) Whatever happens, Content is the Key:

At the end, whatever, SEO strategies or services come up , good, relevant and quality content is always the key factor of SEO. Without content and links, SEO is nothing because only from amazing content you get backlinks which in turn helps you to top the ranking list. According to the Google search results, the number of sites linking to a page correlated with rankings more. Therefore, content and links will still continue to be the foundation of SEO strategies in 2018.

9) Keyword stuffing:

Many of the SEO tools still use the strategy of keyword stuffing on the thought that keyword density is still an important SEO metric. Without stuffing words, use them intelligently and wisely with usability in mind. As it’s always better to earn one good editorial link from a source than just adding 10 instances of your keyword on a single page which makes no use

10) SEO & Social media marketing are tightly interwoven:

As both are organic and inbound strategies that focuses on building identity and attracting users, these two are always linked each other. As social media depends on strong branding and quality content, the efforts you take upon SEO strategies can improve your reach and can greatly increase search in Google rankings.

11) More focus on Video Content:

Nowadays, internet users mostly rely on more video content compared to images/blogs. You tube being the second largest search engine would surely benefit your website with having some interesting and quality video content.

Closing Thoughts:

This is not the end as this list is just our top priorities. You can also see several other strategies like use of embeddable images, use of podcasts, encouraging comments for users, switching websites to https, updating and republishing old content etc. Improvements don’t just happen overnight, so the sooner you start the better you’ll be able to plan the best SEO strategy. As evolutions and developments continue to happen this year, give this SEO checklist, a try…

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